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Excellence Wire Ind. Co.,Ltd.(EXW) was founded in 1985 with more than 28 years experience in the fields of connector, cable assembly and wire harness. EXW is well known in the network accessories field and enjoy the good reputation in the world!

Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector Co.,Ltd.(Ningbo EXW) was established in Ningbo, China, in 2001. We have built up the complete production lines including the stamping, electroplating, plastic injection, automatic insertion and assembly capabilities with in-house engineering department and in-house mold tooling workshop.

Product list: Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Modular Plug, Patch Cord, RJ45


Products Introduction

 Cat5E Cat6

The Cat5E specification improves on the Cat5 specification by tightening some crosstalk specifications and introducing new crosstalk specs that were not present inside the original Cat5 specification. The bandwidth of Cat5 and Cat5e could be the exact same !

Cat5e Plug is usually connected making use of punch-down blocks and modular connectors. Most Cat5e and Cat5e Plug are unshielded, counting on the balanced line twisted pair style and design and differential signaling for noise rejection.

Cat5 continues to be superseded through the Cat5E (enhanced) specification and Cat6 Plug. 

Cat6A performs at improved specs, particularly within the area of alien crosstalk as when compared to Cat6 Plug UTP (unshielded twisted pair), which exhibited substantial alien noise in high frequencies.

Cat6A connector performs three dB far better than a Cat6A connector that conforms with the EIA/TIA specification. 3 dB equals 50% reduction of near-end crosstalk noise signal energy.

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